Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things you don't know about me...

Since we are all friends here... I figured you should know more about me. :)

Alright Bloggies, let's get straight down to business

Yes you already know I'm weird. Well people call me weird, but it's not really weird in my eyes... it's being different & unique :)

I am a Vegetarian. No offense to any meat eaters out there, I still love you!! <3

Ummmm.... Ooo! I have Acid Reflux :) lol.

I really like smoothies. I have one for breakfast every day, and yes I have learned to make the perfect smoothie on earth.

I am a Passionate chef! It's true, my dream is to create my own restaurant with SBE company.

I am in love... with my piano. :) gotcha there for a second didn't I!!! Lol

I sit at the piano for hours at a time singing the same song over & over until I get it perfect.

I love Mika. Which, you probably already knew. I don't know how I can express that more clearly. Lol

I love my fans <3

I cannot pick the contest winner. Destinee is helping me, because I love every single one.

I love my Mommy no matter what. If you knew her for real (not by what you've heard or what mean people have said) you would love her too ;) *happy tear* Our saying is: "Everybody needs a Lenore." I don't know how you do it Mom! And, I don't care if people say mean & outrageously untrue comments. Because, I know the truth. My Mom is Incredible & truly is Super-Mom. I love you Mommy.

I'm addicted to my blackberry. I'm working on it.. OK? Lol.

I really like Geometry... omg!! I'm kidding! lol You believed me?? hahaaa!! Ummm... my favorite subject is Biology! I really actually do like Biology, it's cool.

I skipped a grade this year!! I am now in 9th grade :)

My favorite place in the world is... Los Angeles. I always try to pick something more exotic but every time I travel and I come home I think to myself "Oh jeez, there is nothing like LA." I also do love New York & Japan. <3

At night, I like to sit up in bed & watch TV until 2 am :)

I am obsessed with Christian Louboutin Shoes!! :O

I don't know what I would do without my Beats by Dr. Dre

I cry every time I watch Robyn live in the Cherry Tree House singing "Be Mine" <3

Most kids want iPods, Clothes, & Crazy gadgets for Christmas... but I? I created a gift registry at Williams Sonoma. Lol. I want Ebelskiver pans, Vegetarian Cook Books, & All-Clad Kitchen Supplies. heheee

I love pancakes... that's my ultimate favorite food. Pancakes :) mmmmmm.

My best friend is my Sister!! She is amazing, and she's so beautiful :) I look up to her.

Well... umm... that's all I can think of for now! I hope you enjoyed learning about me xD

OH favorite smiley face: xD



PS. I tried on the Christian Louboutin shoes at Barney's in New York... they were even more beautiful in person, and they made my legs look like a super model!! Lol


summerx0bsession said...

yay for vegetarians!! =) i am too. almost 3 years now. & we have the same favorite smiley hahah i love mika too XD

Live2sing said...

Love you Paris! <3

xxbiancaa said...

Well Paris, i must say you are truly amazing! :D
I love the smiley xD too. I use it too much haha.


Emily said...

omg wow... i'm a vegetarian and i have acid reflux as well! maybe it has something to do with being s vegetarian? probably not... but isn't that just weird? anyway... i really didn't plan to comment (but i just had to after i read about your acid reflux ahaha) so i don't really know what else to say... but i'm glad you made a blog! i love your posts and i hope you will continue to post them and won't forget about your fans! and thank you for doing this! <3
and i'm really sorry about your mom's reputation. the thing is no one really knows her but you know how people like to talk... and lie and make things up like they know her and tell awful stories and other people believe them... some people really don't have a life. just ignore them because as you said you know the truth! and be strong! <3
and thanks for doing these blogs!xxx

Meredith said...

omg i love mika!

im listening to one of his songs right now. x]
"everybodys gonna to love today, gonna love today, gonna love today"

Anonymous said...

hi paris whats up how are hows life

Tanya Miller said...

thanks for posting =)
it was cool to see stuff that I didn't know about you're a vegetarian and that you skipped a grade! I mean you told me that you were in 9th grade but I didn't know you skipped! xD
<3333 you Paris

Paris Quinn "Bubbles" Monroe said...

Thanks guys for all the nice comments :]

PS. love you :)

RoRo said...

haha Paris love it! I'm called weird all the time so dont worry lol yay for smart people!!!!! ♥

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

hi paris!! pleaaaaaase tell us what you and destinee are going to be for halloweeeeeeeeeen!!!! that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!! please answer back! <3 thank u!!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwww...Paris ur cute :)

Lauren said...

You're a vegetarian? Kewl. i didn't know that. haha. My freinds Sarah and Sara are vegetarians (well, I know Sarah is but i'm not sure about Sara. I never see her in the lunch line so... im guessng she's also a vegetarian). I'm in 9th grade, too. But i didn't skip a grade. haha. My brother's in 8th grade. XD

My friend Andrew in my science class (i'm in physical science honors. I wish i was in biology but i'd have to take algebra 2, i think. IDK i'm only in algebra Honors) was singing Mika today in class and I was like "OMG! Paris is like, obsessed with Mika!" haha. XP

I wish everyone could get to know your mom like you know her. Then everything would just, be better. I'm sorry that she has this reputation. Tell her i said "hi!" LOLZ. XD

Anonymous said...

Since when are you a veggie?
I tried once but it didn't work I love meat to much lol

Anonymous said...

what u said about ur mom and sister Destinee wuz really sweet. my sister is my bestie too. I hope u continue 2 blog. luv ya. u rock!

Anonymous said...

ur a veggie person O_O LOL since wen..? Oo yea how tall r u..? just wondering u look 5'0

Anonymous said...

its okay to be weird paris, everyone is weird in their own weird way and weird people keep life interesting. I'm weird to.

Paris Quinn "Bubbles" Monroe said...

Hahaa! You guys are awesome xD <3

Thanks for all the comments!!

PS. Yes I'm exactly 5'0

AmazinglyPink said...

I am not a vegetarian because I love eating chicken to much. Anyway, I am addicted to my blackberry as well. I don't know how to get twitter on it yet though so I just use it through the internet.

AmazinglyPink said...

I am not a vegetarian because I love eating chicken to much. Anyway, I am addicted to my blackberry as well. I don't know how to get twitter on it yet though so I just use it through the internet.