Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meow ;]

Wassup Bloggies? I hope you don't mind me keep calling you that. Anyways... I have changed the settings for the comments. :)

I fixed it, so now you can comment. And, I made it so that you can write Anonymously!! If you don't want anyone to know who you are. xD

So, do any of you remember my series "Kitty's Opinion" ?? I did 1 episode and then my computer crashed. You probably didn't know that, but I had 2 more episodes already done and then I lost them when my comp crashed. :(

Oh well! Anyway, I found the Hello Kitty shirt that I would wear when filming Kitty's Opinion.
Comment Bellow, because I want to hear your opinion on Kitty's Opinion if I should start that back up again!!

What do you think??


Rawan said...

Awww Kitty's Opinion!!!!! haaahhh it was really funny video! xD i wanna see more!!! :) lol


Anonymous said...

Yes! Do it Paris(:
I love Hello Kitty too but this is going to be cool!
BTW: IT's Arpasorn<3
I emailed you and hope you email back too. Its about our before conversation.
Pretty important.

isabelle said...

hi paris love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maureen said...

Kitty's Opinion was really funny, I think you should do it again :D

Anonymous said...

I remember that!!!
It was SOO funny!

Paris Quinn "Bubbles" Monroe said...

I'll make a tester & then see if it turns out as funny as the last one. Maybe I'll post it :)

ShaynaDeMars said...


Anonymous said...

Yay Paris! Haha(:
Hope to hear back from you.
Will you reply back again?

Anonymous said...

Paris (Middle name) Monroe!!
You better make another Kitty's Opinion.
It was sooooo funny. Her voice was all high and squeaky. You should totally start that up again girrrll.


Vicky said...

I think you should doit :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how do you make your voice like that in the video?

Anonymous said...

i loved kittys opinion. you should deff. do it again.

btw what happend to the adventures of destinee and paris?!

Lauren said...

I definatly want to see more! haha. it was really funny! :P

Glad you found your Hello Kitty Shirt! I <3 Hello Kitty!



xxbiancaa said...

I don't remember EXACTLY the episode but it would be awesome if you could make new episodes!

chrissy0330h said...

hey paris<3
plz upload more videos of u & destinee,plzplzplz.haha.
u girlz r the cutest & the funniest.haha.
Christy :)

Ola said...

Come to Poland guys!!! pari u rock!!!!!! i LUV YA <333 WE WANT U HERE IN POLAND :) pLZ ANSWER WILL U COME HERE? everyone will be happy when nu and destinee will rock on the scene :) Plz answers!!! u guys really rock i luv ur voice and ur so fuunnny!!!! Ola from Poland <33

Chandlerizzle said...

Yes! I had never seen it! but it sounds awesome :D PLEASE do it!