Friday, October 2, 2009

My day so far...

Me at the Interscope intern desk :)

As I was in the middle of beautiful dream with fairies that had pink wings & huge jumbo sized Krispee Kreme donuts... all of a sudden, A bright light! I'm suddenly being shaken, and the first thing that comes to my mind is "Earthquake!" Ya know, since we're in LA. I slightly open my eyes as a strand of blond hair swings in my face. It wasn't an Earthquake, but something close. It was Destinee. She was screaming. ("trying" to scare me) notice: emphasis on trying. This is one of her passions in life, to scare people. So, I sit there and stare at her as she says to me "It's 5 am! You need to WAKE UP!!" She laughs at me and runs away like a little 3 year old kid on Red Bull. I'm mad... I am furious! LOL. I've only gotten 5 hours of sleep, and I can't even wrap my brain around what's going on. On top of that, I was just about to fly with Pixie (the princess fairy of Sugarland Kingdom... which was in my dream) So... I'm pretty mad (and just in case you didn't know I just got released of Sugar Rehab not too long ago, I'm a recovering sugaraholic) Lol! So, I finally start doing my hair slowly getting over the fact that I missed my 8 hours of sleep. I get ready, brush my teeth for 2 1/2 minutes straight, make my smoothie to go, and off to the label!

So we get to the label, it's promptly 8:27 am. Just in time for our 8:30 am rehearsal for our cameo on Cherry Tree Radio. I grab a bite of a blueberry muffin, and make some french vanilla coffee at the Interscope kitchen (the perfect combo to pick me up.)

So we start rehearsing for the morning show, and we're having a blast! We're ready to go! Woo! But then... ugh don't you just hate the "But then..." we find out that we're having some technical difficulties, so now we're not going live until 11 am at least!! I decided while we wait we should go hang out with Kristen & Tunji.

So now it's 9:50 am and I'm blogging from the Intern computer (I love playing intern here I always get to make copies, help tape receipts to separate papers, I'm basically a geek) and I decided to blog about my morning, and if your having a bad morning I hope I cheered you up!! :)
Love you guys so much! I'm gonna go answer some e-mails
How did your morning go?? Leave a comment telling me about your morning.



xxbiancaa said...

Awhh you're morning was way too early! Well i have to tell ya my morning was horrible too! I have to travel for like 2 hours in the train & bus for school , so i read or listening to music. I read Eclipse (twilight xD) i'm addicted to the twilight-saga-books!

Anyways this morning was very exhausted because my first lesson was very boring & we had to write so much on paper. I wish i could play live on a radio! Dream !

izzy said...

my was okay that funny what destinee did tell her i say hi if you read this

CliqueFix said...

Haha, sounds like a confuzzling morning! I'll try to listen in later when you're on. I didn't have a good morning either, today was picture day at school and I woke up with a sore throat and fever. .-.

Anyways, can't wait for your new album! Any set date for it to come out? Love Ya!

Rawan said...

Oh god P! your morning was UGH xD
Very funny! Destinee is veryy crazy i love her!! tell her i say you're crazy fabulous xD

Mine was good though!! xD

I Love You P! BUBBLES xD



Live2sing said...

Heey paris! :)
My morning was okay, because im starting to feel better, but then I read this and *POOOOOOOFFF* AMAZING! :)

Emily said...

hahah you're so awesome and funny! i just love love LOVE your blogs!

Anonymous said...

PARIS! what is your smoothie recipe? im dying to know!!!!

Live2sing said...

Listening to you and destinee on the radio right now :)!
xoxo you sound amazing lol laughing TONNNS
xoxo Annie

amyk13 said...

Thanks for coming on cherrytree, I listened to it, and it was super!!
Kisses and Hugs from Spain

Maureen said...

You two sound great on the radio singing
"sweet child of mine"

PaigeCunningham said...

whats your email again?? i wanna talk to you.

PaigeCunningham said...

whats your email i wanna talk to you.

Anonymous said...

my boring was soooo boring. I had to wake up at 5:30 am eastern time to go to school. Ughhhhhh! y cant it be summer again.

RoRo said...

I fell so bad for you, that you had to wake up so eeeeeearly! well my morning was as boring as a plainfield morning can be so yeah lol ♥

myanna said...

I hate getting up that early.

Today I had to wake up at 7. I was kinda dizzy so I fell out of my bed when I tried to get out! At 8 I left for alabama so I was stuck in the car for 7 hours. And I wish I could play livee too. But like she said Dream!

Anonymous said...

love this! dont stop blogging.
you should tell destinee to blog to.[:

Lina said...

made this for your website banner, i hope you use it!

With Love, Alyssa(: said...

My morning was okay. I was really tired and i woke up late and i had like a half hour to get ready...Lol.

Anonymous said...

what is your SMOOTHIE recipe???????????? please tell!!!!

Anonymous said...

hehehehehe u sound so smart!! :) using hard words and stuff lol ur good at writing btw

Anonymous said...

Paris my name is Jess and I'm an aspiring songwriter any tips for writing a good song?

Jeff said...

you sounded great on the Morning Orchard! i hope you come back to the Cherrytree Chat sometime soon! :)

Lauren said...

haha. That was funny waht destinee did. Sorry, but it just seemed funny and like something my little brother would do, even if he is 13 he likes to annoy me (did i spell that right? LOLZ). The 3 year-old on red bull reminded me of when my 3 year-old cousin was at her mom's soccer game and my grandma was supposed to be watching her when she walked off and drank half a can of someones red bull. She was so hyper the rest the day. haha.

My morning was alright. I woke up at 7 am (4 am over there in LA) and went to skool. Got there at 8:30. My friens were there and Sarah was being her normal crazy self and nearly hit someone when Carson grabbed her foot and she almost fell over. LOLZ. In P.E. i almost got killed with a volleyball then the rest of the day wasn't so good. We had to take notes in history. bleh.

How was he rst of your day?

Oh! i was at the nail slon today and was looking throughthis random magazine and the had THE cutest Christan Loubiton shoes EVER! i immeadiatly thought of you b/c u love fashion and Christan Loubiton. haha

Andee said...

I got up and got ready, got to school later than usual, I got to sing the national anthem with choir in front of the whole school. Then we watched the rest of the the school spirit thing and came back into the classroom dying of heat because the air conditioner was broken. Tell Destinee I said hi please and thank you.

Arpasorn said...

Hey Its Arpasorn!
I'm sooo sorry for being rushy :(
It wont happen again.
I hope to talk/meet you real soon.
Hope you can write back from the email.
I sent it this morning at 8am.
Hope your day is fantastic<3

Anonymous said...





more_to_love said...

HI paris!
I am an aspiring songwriter/poet and I was wondering what you think of my poetry! I am always inspired by nature and hippopotami are my favorite animals! I also love leanord nimoy, he is a huge inspiration!


I see in the kitchen fridge.
cooking food for me

I hope my skill will make it to "the big time" no!

Cat said...

heeyy Paris,

i absolutely AUH-DORE smoothies and would LURV to know ur recipe.... (is it healthy?)


Cat<3. xx