Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Glitches Fixed :)

Hey Bloggies :)

I fixed all the Glitches. Comments are now working, and I have made a new e-mail since my old one crashed because it got flooded with e-mails. Sorry if I didn't reply!! :( But, you can now e-mail me at

I already got a good amount of contest entries already! I am so shocked!! The banners so far are beautiful!! This is going to be so hard for me to choose the winner!! Lol!

Love you guys so much,



¢aroline said...

heey paris! thank you so much for reply my email! i love you ;)


Amy said...

Love you Paris!!!! <3

Amy said...

Love ya Paris!!! <3

Arpasorn said...

Hey Paris, It's Arpasorn<3 I sent you an email on your new email from our old conversation that we had(:
Hope to hear back from you!

XOXO, -Arpasorn<3

Rawan said...

Hey Paris! It's Rawan :)
I just made myself a bolg so i could leave a comments! :) lol

i sent you ma banner! hope you like it & good luck to everybody!!

i love you Paris! your so sweet ohhohh and i love the layout x)

YOU ROCK! xoxo Rawan :)

Live2sing said...

Heey Paris :) Please read my blogspot too
:) Im a HUGE fan!!