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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do you tweet what I tweet?

Yo :)

I need YOU. To make. A Twittaaa. Yes, if you don't have a twitter, you have to make one! Seriously it's so addicting once you start doing it. Make one, follow us, tweet us, and we might tweeeeeet you back!!



PS. I promise more blog posts are coming soon... I'm going to be posting pictures, especially on Saturday... I'm going to tell you all about my crazy Friday. Friday is going to be crazy... so PLEASE keep checking back to my official blog, lots of things going on this time of year... so if you want to be in loopy loop keep coming back here cause I'm going to have a lot to post about.

PPS. Seriously, how cute is that bird?? Comment below... <3


Vicky said...

paris can you answer one of MY tweets once? please? xD


Arpasorn said...

can't wait to see more blogs!!

Rawan said...

Ohh that bird! not cute as you Paris xD hahaah!!
Well, i always tweet you guys! I'm
CliqueGirlzArts ! baaaahhh tha girl who can't stop tweeting U! haahhahh
welllll! bunch of LOVE xD

~Olivia said...

Ok I'll make one. ANSWER YOUR EMAIL YOUNG LADY! I made something.
Anyway, I don't know how to talk to people on twitter. Like, how do you send people tweets?
I might make a blogger account too.

Olivia said...

Hey I made a blogger (:

Olivia said...

Ok this is my last post for today. I've made 3 so far. Sorry.

Anyway, I just made a twitter.

Well I don't know how to type the address but that's my username. I just started using twitter. Can you help me learn how to use it?

Doug Hanna said...

I'm on twitter!


Isabel said...

Youa re so right Paris! That bird is the cutest thing! i just want to hug it!!!

NUDDLES said...

hi paris.can u check my blog,pleas.


seenahm (parima) said...

Yay!!! Twitter is Twitterrific!!! (PS I use Twitterriffic on the Iphone to tweet) and I tweeted you and Destinee like weeks ago, BTW I'm @seenahm :l

seenahm :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I tweet u a lot, but you never reply...

Yamii Archuletaa said...

i have a twitter (adyy_lezlerss)

pokepinky101 said...

My Twitter is: PLease follow me,Paris!!!!